Karneval Anthology Story #1


This is the first story of the Karneval anthology volume, they are not drawn by Mikanagi Touya but by other artists instead. Nonetheless, they are pretty cute and some are quite hilarious so we hope you enjoy reading them! Special thanks goes to Maaya-chan for providing the raws for the anthology! ^^

Karneval Anthology Story #1

Now that a new school year has started, we’ll be a lot slower with releases. If you don’t want this to happen, please consider applying and joining our team! We’re currently looking for the following positions:

Karneval: Japanese Translator, Editor/Cleaner
Adekan: Japanese Translator
Kurenai Ouji: Proofreader, Editor/Cleaner
Omumedai: Raw Provider (this project isn’t moving until we get one unfortunately)

For those interested in the cleaner/editor position but do not have any experience, no worries! We have now included some basic video tutorials to get you started on how to clean manga on our recruitment page.  If you still have any questions, feel free to make an account on our forums or contact us using the contact form. 🙂

I noticed another group has been scanlating Karneval from the chinese raws lately. We are not affiliated with them and we will still be releasing the rest of volume 11 regardless of what they’ve scanlated into English so far. We will however, be releasing them at our pace (pretty much as soon as they’re done) to ensure the best quality available. Thanks for your support!

17 thoughts on “Karneval Anthology Story #1

  1. Thank you so much for this! And I’ve been waiting for your version of Karneval since I trust your quality, so thanks for not dropping it ^.^

  2. Thanks so much for the release and I am happy that you are doing the whole scanlation of vol 11 of Karneval, I prefer waiting for your version!

  3. Thank you guys, I look forward to reading this story!

    School is top priority of course; nevertheless, I am grateful that you guys would still scanlate in your free time.

    Good luck this year/semester!

  4. Thank youuuuuu seems nice! Anthologies are usually nice haha
    But I can’t download it because my only internet source is from my new university!! They block EVERY download site!!
    huhuuuuu I’m just gonna bookmark this and wait till next year… TT^TT

    Thanks for your hard work XD

  5. I love when Akari-sensei walked in. This was a great little story! Thanks for the release and thank you for continuing Karneval with school and all the other things that take up your time. I’ll gladly wait for your releases.

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