Adekan: Vol. 7 Chapter 1 (aka Ch. 27)


“He’s… poison to the eyes”


Hey, people! It’s been exactly 2 months since our last Adekan release (we didn’t plan it; pure coincidence). Say yay! The wait, in case you’ve been, is now over~ This is a magazine release so we’ll pack Volume 7 cover, colored pages, table of content and whatnot most likely together with the extra chapter later. Enjoy!

Kurenai Ouji Chapter 23

020Hello everybody! February has been a weird and hectic month; I am glad it is past me. As a student right now, I have midterm for my midterms and I’m bleeding out knowledge and tears, but I have come back to deliver this next great chapter of Kurenai Ouji!

It’s also been on the burner for a while, so you know, I’ll still sing ballads about  help about editing. Also even if you’ve never touched manga like this before, I’d be willing to help people with their learning curve if they send in the cleaning test/typsetting test and give feedback/ pictures to help with seeing the weird stuff you do. Yeah I whisper you get to talk to me ohohoho

But in all seriousness, help is needed yes. I think we have Mei-mei as our only cleaner (Shion you will be dearly remembered) and Ai Sakura as our only typesetter for Kurenai Ouji? I help out here and there with editing as well, but alongside other projects and QCing it’s not nearly enough @_@.
Things will be progressing shortly even though our lovely translators are almost done with Volume 7…PLEASE HELP IF YOU WANT TO. Terminated message.

Okay so this chapter is a doozy! Woo woah wow who was expecting that, not me for sure. With this chapter I firmly believe the author is capable of writing any kind of story and it being just as good. Can we say horror is the next move? who knows. Here is the chapter! Remember to tell your friends! Support and thanks also keep us truckin’ and help means faster.

Chapter 23 

Karneval Anthology Story #4


This one is just….epic.

Anthology Story #4

And for those who missed #3 (it was bundled under the cut on the birthday weekly post)

Anthology Story #3

No Mediafire links for a while I’m afraid. I can’t tell if my internet just hates them or there’s an error with my account/their server because the upload won’t even start. I may host these on Dropbox another day but I like to reserve my Dropbox for my own stuff. XD

Adekan: Vol. 6 Extra Chapter (aka Ch. 26.5)

exAdekan Volume 6 Extra Chapter (aka Ch. 26.5): MEGA | Box

Hello everyone! Here’s our last Adekan chapter for the month! Yup, we’re releasing slower now because we’re currently still trying to find the balance between taking care of real-life business and scanlating Volume 7. We’ve got no choice, really :-/ We’re just your average full-time college students and employees. *sigh* It’s not an excuse! And we want nobody’s pity! We just want to tell you guys that it’s frustrating to have to put aside this project because we have so little time to do everything…