Ilegenes – Giyoku no Symphony Chapter 11


 This dude is clearly up to no good.

Sorry for the delays! I’ve had quite a few problems at home and work the past few weeks so I haven’t been able to work on much. Hopefully it won’t be for much longer.

Also I know the links for Ilegenes and Karneval are broken, this is due to Mediafire suspending my account. I am in process of reuploading Ilegenes to Mega at the moment but I need to dig out my old laptop to get to the old Karneval chapters so please bear with me! Also for any contact/recruitment applications, please re-send them if you haven’t received a reply within 1-2 weeks. It’s likely they were sent when I was busy and I can’t seem to find most of them anymore or whether or not, these people still had any interest in joining. My apologies!

Ilegenes – Giyoku no Symphony Chapter 11


Kurenai Ouji Chapter 29


I too can play your games with quickly concocted graphics…but yes, this chapter is coming out a bit earlier than schedule just because it’s filled with drama bombs left and right and consensus says we can’t not share it if it’s done.

All that aside though, Kuwahara Souta still manages to bring all the Issa feels right back into the chapter and I’m here in the corner in fetus position BECAUSE HOW is that still possible in 36 pages ugh I love this manga.

Chapter 29