Official Goodbye

Hello all,

It’s been quiet for a while, but here I am to lay the questions to rest.

L.O.V.E. Scans is officially defunct.

We’ve been inactive for some time honestly. Everyone on the team is pursuing other interests and choices in their lives, and I am happy to see them off and to have worked and laughed with all of them. I hope you feel the same.

For official business:

  • Please stop contacting this page for general inquiries as we will be unresponsive to it.
  • Some stats we leave behind – 53 volunteers, 135 chapters released, 2 anniversaries, and 5 picked up from dead projects (two of which are now licensed) Great work team!
  • Karneval and Kurenai Ouji have been officially picked up for English release by Yen Press (NY based); please support the mangakas by purchasing these volumes when they come out. If asked, L.O.V.E. Scans will remove download links, but for now it is not our immediate plan.
  • Some projects have a few chapters that have been partially worked on, so to honor that hard work we will be getting those out sooner or later. Specifically, we will be finishing Ilegenes and releasing some chapters of Adekan and Kurenai Ouji.

It’s been an honor fellow readers! Remember to keep LOVE in your hearts ahaha who thought I wouldn’t end with a bad pun y’all don’t know me